AZ® 700 – preservative for closed circuit systems

AZ® 700 is an anti-algae chemical conditioner with a bacteriostatic effect developed to counteract the growth of microorganisms that can cause organic deposits, obstructions and corrosion of systems, particularly those operating at low temperatures.

The use of AZ® 700 helps keep pipes, control units, manifolds and exchangers clean and efficient.
AZ® 700 is not oxidizing, it is compatible with AZ® 100 and AZ® 500 and with them offers complete protection for your system.
AZ® 700 protects the system by increasing its useful life and guaranteeing lower fuel consumption while maximizing its efficiency.

Before loading AZ® 700 into dirty systems (e.g. systems with obvious signs of blockage or obstructions such as, for example, cold areas) it is necessary to carry out adequate cleaning with AZ® 200. Only after having washed and rinsed the system add AZ® 700 to filling water.

1 kg tank

Product for professional use only

The products of the AZ® Line are neither acidic nor caustic, they are not toxic and are not harmful to people or the environment.

AZ® 700 protects the system and the boiler by increasing its useful life and guaranteeing maximum heat exchange efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

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