BravoTHERM 100

BravoTHERM 100 is a magnetic dirt separation filter with cyclonic separation system that operates with the aid of powerful magnets incorporated in the equipment, retaining sludge, impurities and metal oxides. Thanks to its operating principle, i.e. decanting, BravoTHERM 100 is not affected by clogging and does not require frequent maintenance. The great ease of use of this innovative dirt separator allows you to perform cleaning operations without removing the component from the system.

BravoTHERM 100 is entirely made of technopolymer, specifically designed for high temperature hydraulic applications. A 500 μm stainless steel filter cartridge is fitted inside the dirt separator. BravoTHERM 100 is equipped with 8 powerful cylindrical neodymium magnets housed in the seats of the lower removable knob.

The equipment includes a connection kit consisting of 1 inlet shut-off valve and 1 swivel fitting for the outlet.
Max water temperature 90 °C – max pressure 3 Bar

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