Dosanet P

Dosanet P dosing station consisting of an electromagnetic pump with digital signal (pulse emitter counter) proportional dosing system and knob-controlled adjustment – HDPE tank equipped with suction sprayer and assembled level probe, suitable for storing various types of chemical products – threaded counter for cold drinking water (up to 30°C) single jet (for ½” and ¾”) and multiple jet (for gauges up to 2″) or WE axial swirl flanged counter.
Flanged DN UNI PN 10/16 Bar for cold water up to 30°C.
APG pump data: min/max flow rate l/h 4-8 – min/max pressure 2-12 Bar – max dosing frequency pulse/min 160 – supply voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz

Tank capacity:

50 - 100 - 220

First start-up and testing:

excluded, unless the services card (code 50400120) has been purchased or with direct payment to an Authorized Assistance Center

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