BravoMAX-A is an automatic self-cleaning filter with pressure differential and motorized drain solenoid valve; ideal for filtration of high-water flows, with cartridge brushing system and dirt discharge.

BravoMAX-A is made entirely of stainless steel. The cartridge is made of stainless steel welded to an expanded support mesh. The specific structure of the cartridge makes it resistant to pressure shocks, reducing the problem of deformation and crushing. The nylon brushes have a stainless-steel support.
It is provided with pressure gauges for detecting pressure, and available in the version with threaded or flanged connections.

BravoMAX-A is managed by a time program and electro-hydraulic differential for cleaning the filter cartridge, with simultaneous brushing and dirty discharging; equipped with a motorized solenoid valve for opening and closing of the drain.
The pressure differential continuously checks the degree of clogging of the filter element and activates the backwash when a pressure difference ΔP = 0.8 Bar occurs; this device therefore allows to avoid clogging of the filter.
The washing operation activates the brushing and dirt discharge system creating a high-speed tangential flow that removes the impurities accumulated in the filter vessel.
BravoMAX-A filters the water from the inside to the outside of the filter cartridge.


1"½ M - 2" M - 2"½ M - 3" M - DN40 - DN50 - DN65 - DN80

Attention! Before ordering an automatic filter, read and send the completed "Automatic Filter Data Collection Form" which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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