PuliMATIC is an automatic self-cleaning filter with high flow rate, with a patented brushing system, cleaning of the filter and dirt discharging occurring at the same time and by means of electronic control system.

PuliMATIC is made with brass head with threads according to EN 10226-1 and EN 228-1, Bowl in Grilamid® (high strength polyamide) and nylon cleaning brushes.
The cartridge is in stainless steel welded on an expanded support mesh. The specific structure of the filtering cartridge makes it resistant to pressure shock eliminating problems of deformation and crushing. 1″ 1/2 and 2″ models are equipped with 2 pressure gauges, tangs and nuts.
The cleaning of PuliMATIC is completely automatic: cartridge brushing and dirt discharge at the same time due to electronic control.
PuliMATIC default settings: cleaning every 4 days with 3 rotations of the brushing system. Customizable washing time and manual cleaning activation possibility.
PuliMATIC raw water filtration occurs from OUT to IN of the stainless-steel cartridge.


¾" F - 1" F - 1"¼ F - 1"½ M - 2" M

Attention! Before ordering an automatic filter, read and send the completed "Automatic Filter Data Collection Form" which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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