Kit Facile – Multi-purpose device

Kit Facile is a multifunctional device to facilitate and standardize the installation of Acqua Brevetti systems.

Kit Facile is made with a brass body, by-pass button and hardness adjustment valve; nuts and spigots supplied for hydraulic connection.

The white pressure knob marked by an arrow accompanied by the writing “Push for by-pass” is the by-pass button.

The white screw knob marked by a double arrow and the “+” and “-“ symbols is the valve for adjusting the hardness.

On the front part of Kit Facile there are provisions for mounting two sample-taking taps.

The taps allow water to be taken upstream and downstream of the treatment to check its effectiveness (degree of softening, dosage of anti-scale and anti-corrosive agents).

Choose the BravoMIX Line’s set composed of Kit Facile, filter, dosing pump and connection kit, in order to allow a quick and easy installation in compliance with standards in force.

The solution in just 21 cm of space!

Technical Datasheet

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