Ferrocid® 5280 S

Ferrocid® 5280-S is a liquid product based on a balanced mixture of chlorine derivatives, phosphates and silicates. The product performs its primary action as sanitizing agent against the accumulation of organic material (bacterial secretions and biofilm) within water transport and containment systems. Ferrocid® 5280 S has proven to be effective in preventing and removing material build-ups due to Legionella colonization. Ferrocid® 5280 S is prepared with raw materials complying with applicable regulations concerning chemical products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption.

Dosage and Use: it should be used undiluted and not mixed with other chemicals. The product should be added at a high miscibility point.


  • system cleaning and sanitizing > shock applications – 100 and 500 g/m3 are recommended.
  • prevention and maintenance systems > continuous dosing – 30-50 g/m3 (2-3.5 ppm Cl2)
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