MiniDUE FILTRO is the first compact combined system that integrates in a single device a mechanical filter and mechanical volumetric dosing pump for dosing AcquaSIL 2/15®, an anti-scaling and anti-corrosion product.

MiniDUE FILTRO is made with connection plate and filter cartridge housing in brass, pump body in plastic material, filter cartridge in stainless steel clamped on bush with O-ring seal; the cartridge filters dangerous particles present in water, thanks to it stainless-steel cartridge with size greater than 89 microns.
AcquaSIL 2/15® product is supplied in disposable bags of gr. 250 or of 1 kg, to be connected directly to the pump body or to be used with the remote kit connection provided with the standard product.

MiniDUE FILTRO prevents mechanical damage due to coarse materials that could enter the heating systems, such as rust flakes, small stones, processing scraps, etc. By means of the dosage of polyphosphate-based products, even at very low concentrations, can efficiently prevent the formation of limescale and corrosion in the hot- and cold-water distribution lines, thus protecting the heat exchangers and the heat generators’ parts from premature breakage.


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